Warhol in Chicago

View Andy Warhol prints and photographs at the DePaul Art Museum

Few artists have had as much of an impact on pop culture as Andy Warhol. The creative mind behind the Factory and who was responsible for bringing together so many cultural figures like the Velvet Underground, Nico, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Bowie, Edie Sedgwick, Debbie Harry and Grace Jones. While his parties were legendary, it was his work that still has people awestruck today.

Between now and December 20th, the DePaul Art Museum (935 W. Fullerton in Lincoln Park) will show The Andy Archetype: Works From the Permanent Collection. Check out numerous prints and photographs highlighting Warhol’s work taking everyday objects and turning them into colorful splashes of brilliance shown alongside other artists he influenced. Admission is free.

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