Guest Post

Tres Awesome’s Emma Arnold on Fashion Fun with Summer Lids

Emma Arnold, the creative mind behind Chicago street-style blog Trés Awesome tells you what you need on your head this summer.

Hats are a must have for music festival season. There’s just no better way to look and stay cool. Luckily we are in the midst of a hat renaissance, with pretty much all types being on trend right now. From wide brim, flat brim, straw, fedora, floppy you name it. The benefits of a hat are threefold: Hats can mask a bad hair situation, save your skin and make you look like a potential celebrity. Check out some of theses stellar toppers:

1. Jena Gambacini of Chicity Fashion is rocking a leather flat brim like nobody’s business. Find a similar style at Nylon.

2. This gent keeps it monochromic with wide brim sun hat. Find a similar style at ASOS.

3. There’s nothing more Chicago than a Leaders Flat Brim. Get yours from the Leaders 1354 .

4. What do gamblers, old-timey accountants and middle-aged female golfers all have in common? They all wore visors and now you can too! Find a similar style at ASOS.

5. Go for a ’90s throwback look with a classic fedora. Find a similar style at Goorin Bros.

6. This topper almost reaches Pharrell proportions. Find a similar style in the Urban Outfitters Turned Up Ranger Hat.

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