The Moth GrandSLAM!

Hear great stories at The Moth

Anyone who listens to WBEZ on Saturday likely has tuned in to The Moth Radio Hour. This hour-long show presents real people telling real stories. They could be heartwarming, humorous, gripping or difficult to listen to, but one thing they all have in common? These people bare their souls for all to hear. The Moth takes place all over the world in bars, theaters and clubs and has held thousands of events since its inception in 1997.

Regular Moth gatherings feature a topic where people get chosen randomly to hit the stage and talk, without notes, for five minutes. That’s all they get. The best stories that come out of those nights can go on to get developed into longer stories and make their way to a GrandSLAM, which brings us to this post.

The Moth GrandSLAM hits Chicago on April 18 at the Athenaeum Theatre. It brings together 10 local StorySLAM winners to compete for the best story of the night based on the theme “Now or Never.” Tickets to the event are still available, but going fast. If you’re interested in learning about other people’s lives and want to be thoroughly entertained, snag yourself some tickets.

And if you’ve never heard or seen The Moth, check out this video of Lily Be, a local Chicago GrandSLAM champ recounting a story about her grandmother.

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