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Terrace Fun & Food Coming to Cindy’s

We're getting Cindy's terrace ready for summer

SPRING 2018 – If you’ve thought our chef de cuisine Keith Potter and his kitchen team at Cindy’s have been having fun creating menus for you over the last few years, just wait until May when they let loose on the terrace with a special outdoor-only menu.

Last year you could enjoy rosé and boozy popsicles from our terrace bar while sitting by a fire pit. This season, chef Potter will set up Konro grills to cook up a variety of skewers over binchotan charcoal for Cindy’s Seasonal Midwestern Yakitori. Think sweet corn, shishito peppers, melon, asparagus, ramps, brunn-usto cheese all seasoned with housemade yuzu kosho, tajin spice or honey-chili agrodolce. All the things you’re used to getting grilled? Not necessarily. This is better. Also coming: ice-cold friesling slushies.

You’ll also see more interesting proteins including chicken thighs, heart and liver; octopus and shrimp served with a variety of sauces like chimichurri, antichchera and salsa verde. Our elote on a stick will feature deliciously sweet Midwestern corn drizzled with parmesan aioli, smoked paprika, queso cotija and lime salt.

The kitchen team will also get a little playful by offering carnival cones filled with housemade candied and spiced pecans, which they’re sourcing from Three Sisters Garden in Kankakee. And if you’re craving an easy-to-eat sandwich, you can pick up a petite jambon and beurre baguette layered with house-smoked Kilgus Farms ham, Dijon mustard, cultured butter, farm radish and bread and butter pickles while taking in the view.

And, of course, we’ll have plenty of wine, beer and cocktails to help wash it all down — and then keep your night, or day, going. Stay tuned throughout the spring and summer for more surprises on our rotating outdoor menu!

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