Summer Playlist: DJ Matt Roan

Chicago native Matt Roan has truly carved out a niche for himself ever since he stepped behind the decks and added "DJ" in front of his name...

MAY 2015 – The uber-cool, super-hip guy (who is about to become a dad!) gets the groove going all over the city. We tapped Roan to compile a chill disco playlist to get your summer going – and asked him a few questions to boot.

CAA: What does summer in Chicago mean to you?
DJ Matt Roan
: Summer in Chicago is all about eating outside, riding bikes to the lake, rooftop parties and seeing all your favorite bands. It’s truly a summer city.

CAA: Why did you pick this mix of music?
This is the newer stuff I’ve been listening to lately and I wanted to put a lot of fresh tunes together for you. I’ve been diligent about listening and buying a lot of new music lately and these are some of the gems. They are all related a bit sonically too, which is nice.

CAA: What was the vibe you were going for in creating this playlist?
Seeing as summer is right around the corner, that’s really what I had in mind. There are a lot of vibe-y, funky, disco flavored tunes that are all at a mellow tempo and make you want to nod your head. I think it would be really nice for a house party or out at the beach.

CAA: What’s your favorite summer cocktail — and why?
I love margaritas. They are simple, potent and delicious. Anyone can make one and they are usually great. Plus, they are also easily batched for parties. If you come thru with a pitcher or two of those … you’re a hero!

CAA: You’re about to become a dad. Is there a song that sums up that feeling for you?
The first thing that comes to mind is The Ark’s tune, “Father of a Son,” but since I’m having a baby girl and I’m not a gay man … it doesn’t quite fit the bill. Highly recommended though! It feels like “When My Baby’s Beside Me” by Big Star really gets it. As long as my wife and I are in it together, we’ll be all right!

Full Playlist, track by track:

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