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Stop Sucking.

We're proud to say bye-bye to plastic straws.

SPRING 2018 – Just in time for Earth Day, we are thrilled to announce that plastic straws have been entirely removed from our operations, from Cindy’s Rooftop and in-room dining, to our Land & Sea Dept.-operated outlets Cherry Circle RoomMilk Room ChicagoGame Room Chicago, and Drawing Room.

By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish – we are proud to join Lonely Whale in their mission of reducing the 8-12 million metric tons of plastic scientists estimate enter the ocean each year, starting with the single-use plastic straw. Eco-friendly compostable paper straws are available upon request.

An estimated 500 million single-use plastic straws are used in the US daily – will you #StopSucking and join us For A #StrawlessOcean? Learn more at

Cocktail with mint leaves.

No straws here! Paper straws are available upon request only.

[For guests that need them, straws are available upon request at all outlets within our walls.]

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