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Spritz Into Spring at Cindy’s

Cindy's spirit guide awaits with your spring spritzer

Cindy's Spirit Guide Nandini Khaund

Cindy’s Spirit Guide Nandini Khaund

SPRING 2018 – We love springtime around here and there are few better places to watch it bloom than from Cindy’s, our rooftop paradise at the top of the Chicago Athletic Association hotel. From our terrace, you can gaze out over Millennium Park toward Lake Michigan and see trees start to grow leaves, plants start to turn greener and a bounty of colors emerge across the Lurie Gardens as flowers start to, well, spring back into life.

And what better way to celebrate the return of the greenery than with a fresh spritz in your hand? Our spirit guide, Nandini Khaund, loves a good spritz and wants you to join her in a round. Not sure what a spritzer is? At its basic idea, it combines wine and soda water, often over ice, but it can be so much more.

One of our favorite ways to craft a spritzer is to combine an Italian amaro (a herbal liqueur whose name literally translates to bitter, so you get an idea of the flavor profile) with prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) and soda. The most popular is an Aperol Spritz, a colorfully refreshing lower-alcohol tippler whose base spirit is made from bitter orange, gentian and cinchona flowers.

Another tasty treat comes in the form of a Negroni Sbagliato. Where a typical Negroni uses gin as the base with Campari and vermouth, this drink subs in prosecco for the gin. You could also go with one of our Cynar spritzers that incorporates grapefruit for a nice burst of citrus. But our talented bar team at Cindy’s loves to play around to satisfy your cravings. With an array of Amari and vermouths from across Italy, they can play to your mood and whip you up something truly unique and delicious. Who knows, if your flavor combination wins us over, maybe we’ll name a spritzer after you.

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