Resolve to Get & Stay in Shape in 2018

On Your Mark, get set ... train!

JANUARY 2018 – Yeah, yeah, we know. We all say it. No, seriously. We all plan to get back into shape after all our indulging over the holidays. Parties, sweets, cocktails, big dinners and so much more knock us off our game. And we resolve to hit the gym, get back into a routine and lose that extra 10 pounds we ate over the last weeks of the year. This year will be different,” we tell ourselves. Well, guess what? This year will be different. We have something that will help you actually make and stick to that goal. You just need to sign up.

We once again teamed up with Emily Hutchins and On Your Mark Coaching & Training to offer a variety of packages, starting with personal training sessions right in the hotel. Training packages come in five, 10 and 20 pack sessions, starting at $600 — money well spent because it will kick your butt. But that’s a butt kicking you know you not only need, but want!

Beyond personal training sessions, you can also opt for a variety of other packages that are exclusive to the Chicago Athletic Association hotel, including:

The Business Special: These 45-minute sessions, scheduled before or after work or during lunch, will help you get strong and lean by overloading specific muscles groups. Sessions, which can also include 15 extra minutes of boxing technique to help get your blood pumping, focus on heavier lifts. Don’t be scared by the boxing: no prior experience is necessary. Hey, even Rocky started at the beginning.

The Endurance Athlete: Like the name suggests, these workouts aim to build muscular endurance, allowing you to hit more repetitions against given resistance for extended periods. You’ll use lighter weights to keep you going longer and rest periods are kept to a minimum. Rest, as they say, is for the weak.

Let’s Get Started: If you’ve been off the workout circuit for a while, this package will help ease you back in. You’ll get a movement assessment before setting your goals, working on mobility and setting up a program that ties into classes you take elsewhere. Assuming you’re taking classes somewhere else.

The Runner’s World: If a marathon (or triathlon or 10k) is in your near future, you’ll want to sign up for this package. It includes a movement screening, running evaluation and a 15-minute personalized run outside. It may not seem like much, but this will help start you on the right path for that long endurance run later this year.

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