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Playlist for a summer night on the rooftop

Music Curator Jared Dietch shares his rooftop playlist...

We checked in for a special Q&A with CAA music curator Jared Dietch, who created a special playlist just for our reader as a preview of  the music you’ll be hearing at our rooftop lounge.

CAA: How did you come up with this playlist for the rooftop lounge — what’s the vibe you’re going for and how do you feel this playlist captures that?

Jared Dietch: In this case I worked with the hotel’s general manager Patrick Hatton, Director of Restaurants and Bars, Michael Mason and Sims Foster, SVP of Restaurants, Bars and Nightlife at Commune. The vibe is meant to be sophisticated and chill with a twist.

CAA: I notice all the songs are by female vocalists — even songs like Cher’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” Why is that?

JD: CAA was a club exclusively for men. Here we give the ladies a little time on the microphone. The music won’t be exclusively female in the end, but everything we play will have a twist. Re-edits, covers and mashups will all have a place here.

CAA: How does this music help create the ambiance for the space?

JD:  It will be a place to relax, drink and hear a little Black Sabbath, covered, of course, by the Cardigans.

CAA: Give me three to four words that sum up this playlist and, essentially, the musical aesthetic of the space.

JD: Classic, Sophisticated, Twist

Full playlist, track by track:

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