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Patrick’s Playlist: Originals and Covers

Who played it better? The original vs. cover version playlist.

AUGUST 2017 – We’ve never been quiet about our love — OK fine, obsession — with music here at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel. We have bands play live in the hotel. We host live talks with musicians. And we have amazing music playing through most of our public spaces. Beyond that, we have our resident music guru, our general manager, Patrick Hatton, who eats, sleeps, lives and breathes music. He is the guy who always sent out mixtapes to his friends because he always discovered the cool new music. Now he’s doing that for us. This month, fresh off four days at Lollapalooza, not to mention after parties at the hotel with alt-J and Sylvan Esso, DJ GM (as we like to call him) has a fresh new playlist (although he still likes to call it a mixtape). This time he tackles covers, those songs that get recorded over and over by different people. But why should we tell you about it? Patrick does a much better job. Read on, dear music obsessive…

“I’ve always wondered why an artist decides to cover another artist’s song. Is it because they grew up playing it and record in tribute to the original artist? Or maybe because they think they can make it better? Perhaps they need some filler to make a live set last a full 60 minutes? I would like to think it’s because music evokes emotion and when we hear songs that remind us of certain things in life, we engage in that moment. I imagine it’s the same for a performer playing a song that touched or inspired them at some point in their life. Let’s run with that, shall we? Coming off of Lollapalooza weekend where it seemed like every artist included a cover in their set (hats off to The Killers for covering Muse’s “Starlight” during their set because Muse’s set the night before got cut short due to weather. Classy move, Killers.). Admittedly, I’ve been working on this mixtape for a couple of years and think now is as good a time as ever to share it. This is a collection of songs and covers of those songs. Lots of great discovery in this journey, like who knew that “China Girl” was written by Bowie for Iggy and then recorded at a later date by the Thin White Duke himself? Who knew one of my top five songs of all time, “Tainted Love,” was a cover? This collection is organized by Original followed by Cover and can be listened to as organized or on shuffle. The choice is yours.”

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