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Now Playing: Patrick Picks His Fave New 2017 Music… So Far

Hear the best new music of 2017 so far

APRIL 2017 – Patrick Hatton, the general manager of the Chicago Athletic Association hotel, is on the road to discovery this month, literally. The focus of Hatton’s playlist is all about new music he discovered in the first quarter of 2017. Some are truly new songs; others are new to him. As he explains below, he spends a lot time in his car on the road (get it?) to commute to the hotel and takes advantage of being able to tune into local radio for new music discovery.

“One benefit of spending two to three hours a day in my car commuting to spend my days at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel is that I get to listen to a lot of music. I choose not to plug in my iDevice to listen to one of my 54 mixtapes and rather flip between a handful of local radio stations and channels on satellite radio to keep up with new stuff and hear some classics. This is the primary way I discover new music. As a responsible (and paranoid) driver, I log new tracks by taking a picture of my radio vs. trying to type them in or write them down.

When I find myself with a spare moment, I’ll go through my phone and add new tracks to a working New Music mixtape on Spotify. Some require an additional listen before I add and others take a while for me to come around. Take Car Seat Headrest for example. Rejected for two months and now I can’t get enough. I catalog these discoveries by quarter and “publish” them at the end of it. Here, I share with you my NMQ117 mixtape. While the majority of the tracks are new songs, some are not, but qualify since I heard them for the first time in Q1 – therefore, they are new to me.  As expected, it was a rich quarter for new music that is pretty balanced between new artists and those I have been listening to for a while. Q2 looks to be an epic with new releases expected from 3 of my favorites: LCD Soundsystem, The Airborne Toxic Event and Arcade Fire.

Thanks to the talented DJs on WXRT, Q101, SiriusXMU and AltNation for introducing me to these 40 tracks. Enjoy.”


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