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Cooking For Cindy’s Chef is a True Labor of Love

Chef Keith Potter reveals what he loves about cooking

screen-shot-2017-09-06-at-9-55-28-amMARCH 2017 – Some people go out to eat purely for the act of eating. Others go to explore a new place. Still, more dine out because they have a strong bond with food, ingredients and the story behind what a chef and restaurant are creating. This same passion is what drives many chefs and cooks. They love to look at ingredients and envision a new dish; explore the markets; meet farmers and everything else that goes along with the act of cooking. Often times, it sparks memories of childhood, sitting around with family or watching their mom or grandfather passionately crafting a meal and then seeing their family come together to enjoy their food. Cindy’s chef de cuisine Keith Potter feels this way all the time. For him, cooking comes from a deep place that he truly enjoys sharing with his team and with you, his diners. Chef put together a few thoughts on what cooking means to him — we loved it and wanted to share that with you so you understand that so much more goes on behind the scenes than just preparing your meal.

Cooking for me is all about love. The physical act of it is rooted in nourishing your family and those you eat with most regularly. Shouldn’t we then think of our professional kitchen as an ad hoc family? We spend plenty of time together, nearly enough to be called a family by definition. We argue with and care for one another as much as I have understood a family to do. 

The most inspirational thing to me as a young cook — and I believe for my team as well — is to see the chef light up with love and happiness when simply cooking a dish or feeding something to someone they care for. I think it evokes memories of our mothers and fathers — memories that drove us to cooking professionally in the first place. How lucky are we that we can nourish others on a daily basis and for them, through food, recall the love of a parent? – Keith Potter

“The most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking, love for those you are cooking for.” Sophia Loren

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