It’s Hot Out: 6 Creative Ways to Beat the Heat

How to cool down when it gets hot in Chicago

JULY 2018 – Everyone loves summer in Chicago — well maybe not curmudgeons who complain when it gets too hot. But the rest of us? We try to take advantage as much as possible in the short time we have when Chicago heats up, but sometimes you just need to cool down. Sure you can hit the beach or sit inside your air-conditioned home, but where’s the fun in that? Here are six ways to creatively stay cool in Chicago this summer.

  • Set up an old school slip and slide or sprinkler: Not everyone has access to a backyard with a water hookup, but if you do, we can’t think of a better cool-down activity than setting up a sprinkler to run through or an old-school Slip ‘n Slide to stay wet and cooled down.
  • Get frozen ice or froyo: We love ice cream as much as the next person, but there’s something about tart froyo or frozen ice with different flavors. Check out spots like Froyo Chicago and Forever Yogurt let you serve your own froyo while places like Miko’s and Mario’s Italian Lemonade offer up heaping cups of icy treats.
  • Hit the movies: With all the summer blockbusters and art-house flicks, check out the movies, which are always air conditioned. Block 37, just up the street into the Loop from the Chicago Athletic Association hotel, has a dine-in AMC theater with reclining chairs that you can reserve in advance.
  • Set up a hammock or sit under a large umbrella in the park: Chicago’s lakefront is lined with parks from the north to the south. There’s often a nice, cool breeze coming off Lake Michigan so why not pack a picnic, bring a large umbrella or hammock and spend a few hours chillin’ in the park?
  • Hit a basement bar: Over the last few years, a number of hip bars have opened in basements of restaurants all over the city. It’s cooler down below street level and you can treat yourself to well-made libations at places like Three Dots and a Dash, Izakaya at Momotaro, Booze Box at Sushi Dokku, Watershed at Pops for Champagne, Punch House inside Thalia Hall and Rec Room below Henry’s
  • Shedd Aquarium: Spend a few hours ogling underwater creatures at one of Chicago’s premier museums. It’ll be air conditioned and being surrounded by all that water should naturally just make you feel better.

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