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Our GM’s Dashboard Confessional

Listen to GM Patrick Hatton's 2017 music discoveries

DECEMBER 2017 – If you’re into music, one of the more frustrating things can be staying on top of all the new music coming out. But with the introduction of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, SiriusXM and even Internet radio stations like KCRW’s Eclectic 24 finding new music has gotten easier. One way our general manager, Patrick Hatton finds new music — or rediscovers old favorites — is to snap images of his radio’s digital display while commuting to and from work. And he has found a bunch. So for his last playlist of the year, he’s sharing all of his discoveries and a little insight into it, below. Enjoy!

“I discover most of my new music during my twice daily 73-minute (or so) commute to and from the hotel. I photo document tracks I’m interested in by snapping a picture of my in-dash stereo to save for later. I also use this method to snap tracks that stir a memory so I can, once safely parked, text the other person(s) in said memory in hopes of bringing them the same happy moment I had when the track came on the radio. I didn’t realize how much I did this until I decided to compile my dashboard confessionals for the last 12 months into a mixtape. Yikes. 111 tracks, in order, starting with “Loveblood” by Sundara Karma on 12/6/16 (new track) and ending with “Young Adult Friction” by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart on 11/27/17 (stirred memory of Lollapalooza ’11). I can tell you exactly why I snapped the pic on some and have no clue on others, but here they are, all compiled in one mixtape. Apparently, I’ve been a little obsessed with LCD Soundsystem the past 12 months. Enjoy.”

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