Get Down With Artist Cody Hudson

Artist Cody Hudson Spins Us Some Favorite Tunes

Artist Cody Hudson, who has commercial art house Struggle Inc. and is a partner at the Land & Sea Dept., which runs the Chicago Athletic Association’s Game Room, Milk Room and Cherry Circle Room. The playlist comprises a mix of current and older tracks from the likes of How to Dress Well, Rolling Stones, Black Lips, Violent Femmes and Spiritualized and pulls together a vibe you might experience in the spots in the hotel although they’re more about where Hudson’s head is at the moment. We chatted with Hudson to find out why these songs made the cut.

CAA: What is the overall vibe you were going for with the playlist?
Cody Hudson:
This kind of mirrors most of my days in the studio: I start off a little more mellow (insert sound of me making tea), build it up a bit. Maybe I’ll get a little grittier in the middle (insert sound of me eating a hot dog for lunch) then slowly mellow back for the end of the day (insert sound of me cracking open a bottle of High Life).

CAA: How did you pick this selection of songs?
A lot of these came from songs or bands I’ve been listening to quite a bit lately, some older some newer. Some came from other random playlists I tend to make on a monthly basis to keep track of music I want to hear more of. I really just wanted it to have a nice flow and highlight some music that interests me and inspires me when listening to it in the studio.

CAA: How does the playlist relate to what L&SD is doing at CAA?
I made this more of a personal playlist based on where my head was at instead of a specific playlist for The Chicago Athletic Association. A lot of this still feels at home in that space though and some of these songs you might find creep into the Game Room playlists a bit.

CAA: What’s one thing you’re really looking forward to doing this summer?

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