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Soak Up History at the Field Museum

Explore everything from Egyptian tombs to dinosaur fossils

CITY GUIDE: FIELD MUSEUM | If you think about it, 1893 was a banner year for Chicago. The World’s Fair brought millions of visitors from around the world to engage in culture and new inventions and products. The Art Institute opened its doors to what would become a world-class collection of art and artifacts. The city’s elite businessmen created and opened the Chicago Athletic Association, which decades later transformed into our lovely Chicago historic hotel. And the Columbian Museum of Chicago was created on the site of the Palace of Fine Arts, which was built for the World’s Fair.

A year later, the museum’s name would change to Field Columbian Museum and eventually to the Field Museum of Natural History to honor its largest benefactor, Marshall Field, and its focus on anthropology, botany, geology and zoology. The museum would open in its current location at the south end of Grant Park in 1921 and has welcomed visitors ever since. These days, you can find an array of exhibits appropriate for the entire family. Meet Máximo the Titanosaur, the world’s largest intact dinosaur. See inside mummies from Egypt and Peru. Explore 2,000 items from the 1893 World’s Fair. And go on an underground adventure where you can “shrink” to 1/100th of your actual size to inspect what lives in our soil from giant mole crickets to wolf spiders. A quick walk from our Chicago Loop hotel, the Field Museum is a wondrous adventure waiting to welcome you, 125 years in the making.

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