Curbed Chicago Pocket Guide

Your pocket guide to Chicago

We love Chicago. There are countless things you can do/see/eat/play in Chicago. Just scroll through our blog and you’ll find myriad activities, events and places to check out all over Chicago. Sometimes, you don’t have time to do research to find your next activity. Recently, our friends at Curbed Chicago pulled together a perennially handy pocket guide to a number of not-to-miss sites all over the city. Starting up north at Montrose Dog Beach and Graceland Cemetery (where many of Chicago’s most famous founding fathers are buried) and moving down through the city to places like Wrigley Field, the 606/Bloomingdale Trail, Driehaus Museum, Chicago Cultural Center, Jackson Park, Pullman National Monument and even the CAA, this guide is a perfect way for you to pull together a quick itinerary when you have limited time.

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