City of Gold Movie Screening

See L.A.'s food scene through very hungry eyes

There are few people who obsess over food like Jonathan Gold, the Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic for the Los Angeles Times. And thank god he does because we’re all better for it — or at least we want to eat, and read, more because of it. Gold, who famously outed himself after years of being an anonymous critic, has tantalized and inspired food lovers for decades with his words (starting in the LA Weekly), describing dishes he discovers in restaurants and strip malls all over the LA area. Now, his story is told in director Laura Gabbert’s new documentary, City of Gold, a 91-minute tribute to his favorite foods — from spicy Thai to inventive tacos to hot dogs and everything in between — in his favorite city. Whether you live in LA or may visit sometime soon — or not at all — the movie is a must-see for any lover of food. It shows how and why Gold has become one of the most beloved food writers of the last 25 years. He cares about food and chefs and restaurants and it shows. The movie opens March 18 at Landmark Theatres Century Centre Cinema.

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