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Cindy’s Wine List is Going All Natural

Check out Cindy's fall and winter wine list

Cindy's Sommelier Sterling Knight

Cindy’s Sommelier Sterling Knight

NOVEMBER 2017 – For many people, wine is an important aspect to any meal — and if you don’t have good wine, it can definitely have an impact on your meal. Cindy’s Sommelier and Assistant Manager Sterling Knight goes to great lengths to compile a well-rounded list for the restaurant and that includes sourcing sustainably made wines. At present, 85 percent of Cindy’s wine list features wines that are produced through organic farming, biodynamic farming or sustainable practices. That doesn’t mean every wine must be certified organic, but to get a spot on the list, each has to follow that other criteria.

“I want to support those who support Mother Nature in a move to use an outlet that reaches thousands of people,” Sterling said. From that, Sterling plans to make the entire list organic by the start of 2018.

In organic farming, you are forbidden from using artificial pesticides or herbicides, instead using manures and compost in their place. Grapes are gently hand picked and sorted and motorized machinery isn’t used to transport the grapes to the winery from the field. Farmers will employ plows pulled by horse or oxen instead. And, because the winemakers keep things natural, only natural yeast is used during the fermentation process.

And to make it more interesting, wines made through a biodynamic process, which often happens throughout Europe, the growing, picking and processing schedules are based on astrological and moon cycles.

So what are you drinking? Stop in to check out the full list to hone in on some wines you’ll want to try when you come in for lunch or dinner. And, of course, Sterling or another member of our team will always make themselves available to answer any questions or make any wine recommendations.

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