Celebrate & Meet at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel

Plan your next event at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel

When people think of great hotels in downtown Chicago to check in and spend a night or three, the Chicago Athletic Association hotel often comes to the top of the list. Our classic property, which dates back to 1893, counts as one of the most storied and historic buildings in Chicago. The architecture and design inside our gothic tower reflects a bygone Gilded Age, when titans of business and socialites graced these halls.

These days, a much younger, hipper crowd gathers at the hotel, often to spend a few nights, but also to dine at Cindy’s or Cherry Circle Room, two of the best places to dine in Chicago, or grab coffee or drinks in the Drawing Room, Game Room or Milk Room.

But did you know the Chicago Athletic Association hotel is also a great event space in Chicago? You can plan a variety of affairs from weddings and bar mitzvahs to corporate gatherings and high school reunions — even a roller skating bash. In addition to the restaurants and bars we mentioned, the hotel has seven other areas you can book for your meetings, events and soirees. Check out the lineup below and if you’re interested in booking something, we’re here to help.

Created with an eye toward the Association’s historical mix of commerce and athleticism, our third-floor suite of three board rooms offer elegantly appointed professional settings for meetings, breakouts and presentations.

  • Tinker: This third floor space can hold 12 to 14 people seated in its 255 square foot space.
  • Evers: This third floor space can hold 28 people seated in its 625 square foot space.
  • Chance: This third floor space can hold eight to 10 people seated in its 175 square foot space.

Madison Ballroom: Dressed to impress with genuine downtown Chicago sophistication, Madison Ballroom stands without peer. Dramatic windows extend from the original walnut parquet floors to a gold leaf beamed ceiling graced by three formidable 19th century crystal chandeliers.

  • 8th floor
  • 2,330 square feet
  • 150 seated in classroom capacity
  • 170 seated in full rounds
  • Reception capacity: 260

White City Ballroom: Truly a breathtaking expression of Old Chicago grandeur, White City Ballroom’s floor-to-ceiling windows, capped with vintage stained glass, open directly onto Millennium Park and Lake Michigan’s blue horizon—for endless inspiration amid three colossal 19th-century fireplaces.

  • 8th floor
  • 3,580 square feet
  • 80 seated in classroom capacity
  • 230 seated in full rounds
  • Reception capacity: 400

Unique Spaces
Stagg Court: Named for bygone club member and University of Chicago coach A.A. Stagg, the Association’s actual basketball court and gymnasium have been re-imagined as a unique and versatile event space.

  • 4th floor
  • 4482 square feet
  • 250 seated in classroom capacity
  • 280 seated in full rounds
  • Reception capacity: 500

The Tank: Where five-time Olympic gold medalist Johnny Weissmuller once plied the swimming lanes, the Chicago Athletic Association’s pool area—originally called “The Tank” by club members—has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind venue ideal for public exhibits, performances, installations and creative semi-private events.

  • 1st floor
  • 3,780 square feet
  • 150 seated in classroom capacity
  • 200 seated in full rounds
  • Reception capacity: 260

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