CAA’s Summer Olympic Series

Learn boxing, archery and fencing at the CAA

With the 2016 Summer Olympics kicking off Aug. 5 in Rio, don’t you feel like you should do a little more than just tune in to see the athletic events? In honor of the CAA’s history as a sport and social club, the hotel is hosting three events to help get you into the spirit, both emotionally and physically, for the Olympic games. So what can you do?

Boxing: Aug. 7 is the first class and no matter your skill level, you can get into the ring. The West Loop’s TITLE Boxing Club will lead a two-hour training session on the fundamentals of boxing.

Archery: Tap your inner Katniss Everdeen and learn the skill of archery. Archery Bow Range Chicago takes you through the process of what it takes to hit a bulls eye.

Fencing: Fencing matches would often take place at the CAA, so in that vein, Hyde Park Fencing shows you how to lunge, glide and parry with finesse.

You can buy individual tickets for any of the three sessions for $20 or get all three for $50. To register for a class, send an email to and get your spot before these fill up. To pay it forward, a portion of the class fees will be donated to the Special Olympics.

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