Break A Sweat — Without Leaving Your Room

Tips from Nike Master Trainer Emily Hutchins for getting a good workout while traveling, no extra equipment required

MARCH 2019 — There’s a rich athletic heritage of the Chicago Athletic Association echoing throughout the walls of the building, and now guests can be a part of it themselves — without having to leave their rooms. Designed with the Chicago Athletic Association hotel guest in mind and led by Nike Master Trainer Emily Hutchins, owner of On Your Mark Coaching + Training, 20- and 30-minute guided audio workouts (that don’t require any additional equipment) are now available for guests.

Think an equipment-free workout won’t give you enough burn? Feel like you can’t get a good workout in on the road while traveling, anyway? Take it from Emily herself — these workouts make it easy, accessible, and even enjoyable to do some your hotel room, bedroom, or anywhere in between:


1.  You save time! There’s no need to be tied to a gym schedule when you can create your own positive environment to work out.
2.  Equipment-free workouts specifically target your core — toned abs, anyone?
3.  These workouts are easy to access — from anywhere.
4.  Cut down on costs — equipment-free workouts make it affordable to get and stay in shape.
5.  Best part is? No one’s watching!


1.  Take those stairs — give yourself the extra challenge of a few extra stairs in your hotel.
2.  Opt for the healthy breakfast option, stocked with protein and good fats.
3.  Research your accommodations before you book — is there a fitness center? Are there running paths nearby? Stay informed about where you’ll get your workout in — or just follow Emily’s guided 20- and 30-minute workouts!
4.  Use your apps — do you have a favorite workout app? Load it up with workouts before you go, so you’ll be ready to break a sweat as soon as you check in.

Want to listen in to these equipment-free workouts yourself? Listen in to the hotel’s Checking In” podcast for access to the 20- and 30-minute workout episodes.

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