Sunday Funday

Board Game Style

Who doesn't love a Sunday Funday? An afternoon filled with revelry, sitting around listening to the wind-up phonograph, sipping brandy or Champagne after taking a walk through the gardens with a parasol...

Ah yes, Sundays truly are a fun day, unless you’re at church. If not (don’t worry, we won’t judge you for being a sinner) you might like to partake in one of the new popular board games or card games that are all the rage. Perhaps a pick-up game of charades to pass the time? Or maybe “Familiar Quotations”? You surely will know some of the 100 quotes on these cards. Have you played checkers or chess? Or the favorite Parcheesi! Yes, that’s the one. Oooh we’ll have hours of fun playing while the kids tinker with their toys, Lincoln Logs and Erector sets. Ah, Sunday. What a day.

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