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Cindy’s is All About Salmon

Come taste delicious Skuna Bay salmon at Cindy's

Chef Keith Potter at Cindy's

Chef Keith Potter at Cindy’s

MAY 2017 – People always talk about the health benefits of the food we eat and salmon, one of the fattier and oilier fish in the sea, gives us a lot to talk about — especially when it’s high quality, sustainably raised salmon. Salmon offers natural omega-3 fatty acids, which offer a host of health benefits like helping lower your risk of heart disease, curbing joint pain, lowering inflammation and possibly helping protect against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. But that’s not really why we’re discussing salmon this month. We want to highlight the fabulous salmon you can find on the menu at Cindy’s.

Chef de cuisine Keith Potter sources some of North America’s best quality fish that hails from Skuna Bay in the waters off Vancouver Island in Canada. More specifically, the Skuna Bay Salmon farm is situated off Nootka Island, about 14 miles from its Gold River hatchery where fresh, cold natural seawater protects young fish as they grow. When the fish reach a certain maturity and weight, they’re moved to open-water pens that contain 98.5 percent fresh ocean water and only 1.5 percent fish. The salmon, which are “craft raised” rather than farm raised, have plenty of space to move around while eating organic, sustainable feed. This allows them to grow to an average healthy weight of eight pounds, resulting in fish with silver scales, clear eyes, red gills and thick and meaty bellies with firm texture. The fish you’ll find at Cindy’s tend to weigh between nine and 11 pounds.

Sustainably-raised Skuna Bay Salmon

Sustainably-raised Skuna Bay Salmon

Skuna Bay, the company, is certified by the Aquaculture Alliance as their highest grade of sustainability, chef Potter said. And the fish sold to restaurants around North America are hand selected by just six certified salmon experts, who prepare the fish in traceable, tamper-proof packages for shipping. “We are proud to serve such incredible quality fish that is both delicious and incredibly good for you — good for the environment,” he said. “Skuna continues to reduce strain on natural stocks and the wild ocean environment.”

Fish board at Cindy's

Fish board at Cindy’s

Now that you know some of the back story, we know you want to know where you can find the salmon at Cindy’s. Potter and his team cure and smoke it for the smoked fish board, which you can find at lunch. That also comes with housemade crème fraiche, roe, stone ground mustard and some dill. Also at lunch, look for the grilled salmon served with pommes Anna and farm vegetables with a ramp and fava vinaigrette and some watercress. The dinner menu has grilled Skuna Bay salmon that comes with smoked potato velouté, new potato salad, watercress and cucumber dill vinaigrette. Not only are all of these preparations delicious, you’ll also get your fill of those all-important omega 3s — and isn’t that really what it’s all about?

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