A Spring Break Scavenger Hunt

Book your family staycation this Spring Break with a "Play & Stay" package

FEBRUARY 2019 —  If our groundhog friend’s prediction is any indication, springtime will be here in a few short weeks. And right along with it, schools across the country partaking in the oh-so-beloved spring break tradition (both for the students and the teachers). Because spring break activity-planning for the little ones can quickly become a full-time job for parents and guardians, the Chicago Athletic Association hotel has launched the Play & Stay Spring Break Package.

This new package includes 50% off overnight valet parking for the whole family; 4 Shake Shack burger vouchers to be redeemed in the hotel’s first floor Shake Shack location; a limited edition Chicago Athletic Association hotel coloring puzzle; and a Springtime Scavenger Hunt scorecard, redeemable for a complimentary dessert in Game Room on the second floor upon completion.

The Springtime Scavenger Hunt rewards young urban explorer participants for keeping track of the major downtown attractions they come across right outside the hotel. In honor of these scavenger hunt-worthy landmarks, here are some fun facts for even you tried-and-true locals to enjoy:

Crown Fountain: Jaume Plensa’s “Crown Fountain” features the faces of a cross-section of Chicagoans who were filmed close-up in 2003 and 2004 by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa while they sat back in a dentist chair.

Daley Plaza’s Picasso: Picasso never explained the inspiration of this sculpture, given as a gift to the City of Chicago – some think the figure is a long-necked, high-pony-tailed woman, or the jackal-headed god, or even a cow sticking out its tongue. But what actually is it?

Cloud Gate “The Bean:” Did you know The Bean is cleaned daily? And twice a year, the city even bathes it in 40 gallons of Tide for a deep cleaning.

The Art Institute of Chicago Lions: These lions (which are not identical) have names! The artist, Edward Kemeys, unofficially named the north lion “on the prowl” and the south lion is called “stands in an attitude of defiance”.

The “L” Train: On any given weekday, 1.6 million rides are taken on the CTA, between the buses and the “L” train — Chicagoans have places to be!

Buckingham Fountain: The fountain is powered by 3 pumps that push 14,100 gallons of water per minute through 134 water jets.

Lake Michigan:  Did you know you can see Lake Michigan (the third largest Great Lake) from space?

Marina City:  Marina City is quite the Hollywood star — it has appeared in major films and shows such as Batman Begins, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Contagion, Divergent, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Blues Brothers, The Break-Up, The Dark Knight, and Wanted.

Find out more about the Springtime Scavenger Hunt and the Play & Stay Spring Break package here.


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