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A Chicago Bike Shop in 1897

Getting a bike repaired in 1897

Long before Chicago was overloaded with cars, people biked all over the city — just as they do today. While there weren’t necessarily official bike lanes like the city set up around town, the biking craze swept the city and nation. So much that an article even appeared in the Chicago Tribune in 1899 showing a conversation between an Indiana preacher and a Chicago police captain discussing whether women riding bikes compromised their morality. Today, clearly, we know that’s not the case.

Chicago bike shop 1897. Photo Credit: Calumet412

But just as there are many bike stores and repair shops today like Heritage Bicycles, Johnny Sprockets, Village Cycle Center and On the Route Bicycles, people needed a place to get their bikes fixed, as shown in the photo above. Just swap (some of) the clothes, and the cyclist could look like he’s living in the city today, no?

Thanks to our friends at Calumet412.com for the photos.

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