Get to Know Chicago by Drone

Two Chicago filmmakers film a love letter to their city

How much of Chicago do we ever get to really see, especially when you’re just visiting for a weekend? Sure, you can check out all the main tourist spots around the CAA like Millennium Park, the Art Institute and shopping along Michigan Avenue. But when you want to dig in and see more, you really need to know where to go.

Before moving out to California, two aspiring Chicago filmmakers, Rick Wayne and Brad Johnson of Underscore Films, sought to capture the Chicago they, and their friends and family, truly love so they could watch it when they started missing home.

In the three-minute video, Homesick for Chicago, which we found via DNAinfo Chicago, takes you above the city to see everything from Michigan Avenue and the lakefront to kids playing in front of open fire hydrants, people getting ice cream at Tastee Freez in Logan Square and motorcycles heading into Lower Wacker at night. It’s truly a beautiful love letter to Chicago and will absolutely get you inspired to look at the city in a totally new light.

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